Solaria Showroom 

I redesigned the startup’s showroom of history and innovation with a custom 3D interior design layout. To show their forward-thinking mindset, with a nod to the history of the company, we went for a modern, eclectic vibe with maple wood, black and white, and the brand’s yellow as the main colors. Since it is a museum setting, there were a lot of pieces that needed to be included. I moved their 3D city scape, which was taking up about 6 square feet, to the ceiling for added interest and to free up the space for their small tour groups. The showroom is viewed counter clockwise. The custom bookshelves compliment the dimensional typography, while giving the viewer a place to explore and visual interest to encourage them to take that action on their own.

I usually work with clients through two rounds of revisions. Below are the final layouts for the vinyl window designs.